ADTE: Day 17

Today we woke up and though the kids wanted one last swim session, we had breakfast and said goodbye to Quebec. We drove into Ontario and to our campsite at Sturgeon Falls. We pulled into our campsite and it was gorgeous! We were literally a couple of feet from the water and the waves lapping against the shore.

This would be a perfectly idyllic evening falling asleep to the sound of quiet waves washing onto the sandy shore. Everyone was super nice and helpful. Most people there were camping there for the summer season or longer and had quite permanent residences. The kids immediately changed into swimsuits (surprise!) and jumped into the lake. As soon as we finished putting up the trailer I joined them in the warm water. There was a slide and baby catfish they could catch by the cupful. Paradise…. right?

While the family showered up, I made some pasta with sausage for dinner and we sat down for a nice dinner… That is when our paradise started taking a turn. Bugs started madly trying to enter our trailer, and succeeding. Big, flying, bugs that buzzed our ears and crowded in for our lights. Yuck! While I swatted like a mad woman with the fly swatter, Mr. John duct taped any entry point he could find. We turned out the lights to dissuade any further intrusions.

Soon we found out why they were looking for cover when the torrential rain started, right at the time we went for a last bathroom break for the evening. Lightning started streaking across the sky enough to illuminate the wet pathway… that was full of frogs. It was like the 12 plagues of Egypt. We just needed: cue the hail! For real. It started hailing, but after we made it back to the trailer. The wind was wild and those soothing quiet waves were sounding ominous and much too close at this point.

The lightning lit up our trailer all through the night and if the light show wasn’t enough to keep us awake, the thunder booming and the wind buffeting our trailer ensured a restless night.


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  1. Paula

    Sorry you had such wicked storms while in Ontario. Sudbury is practically next door to where I grew up in North Bay! We travel from Ontario to Quebec to visit family and I will never get used to driving in that province! Downtown Montreal!!! My hat is off to you for motoring your way around both the place and the language! Been catching up on your travels and looking forward to hearing how you almost never made it out of Canada 🙂

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