ADTE: Day 15

Wow! Today marks a full 2 weeks of traveling. This is about the hallway point of our journey. It’s just been the kids and I for the last couple of days while Mr. John is at his conference downtown. I should have had him blog for today as his day was probably more eventful than ours. Don’t get me wrong: WE HAD A BALL! Because this is basically what our entire day consisted of.

After breakfast at our hotel, we had plans to go to a park during the cooler hours and then do a load of laundry, but somehow we ended up at a place called Funopolis! It was basically a ginormous hamster habitat with tunnels and slides, trampolines, things to climb, and all air conditioned. The kids went nuts! We were there from 10:00 in the morning and we closed the place down at 6:00!

Besides the hamster-like tunnels and slides, there was a place full of foam balls that you could shoot. There were cannons and guns, and balls that dropped from a holding tank, and slides and bridges and things to hide behind. Then there was a laser maze where a room would fill with lasers and you had to get to the other side without touching the lasers beaming across the room. Then you would hit a button and return over a different arrangement of lasers and hit a button at the entry. I went all Jason Bourne in there!

There was another room where the walls were filled with lights and you had to hit them as fast as you could as they lit up, and your competing with someone on the other half of the room; in my case: Denver. THAT was a workout! I know I’m going to feel those sprints tomorrow!

So, we ran around in our socks all day. The local kids were so sweet and would come up to my kids and ask them to be their friend, or invite them to play on the trampolines with them. How great is that?! Most of the time the kids were asking in French, but kid sign language got them through and they made several friends. So cute! I swear the kids left the with a French accent. They said it helped the other kids understand them. Bailey couldn’t stand the thought of never seeing her new friends again, and left with several pen pals via their email addresses.

Today also marked our first taste of poutine. Several people mentioned I needed to try it, so today was the day. What is poutine you ask? French fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. I immediately decided it was a fork food and dug in. Woah! Yummy goodness. What is this vinegar packet for. Hmmm, I sprinkled my poutine with it and, it was even more delicious! I don’t know if that’s how they do it in Montreal, but it was fantastic. I figure its kind of like our chili cheese fries. Sort of. Kind of.

You would think the kids would be tired after running around like hamsters all day, but no. They immediately changed into their swimsuits and swam at the hotel after eating a bite. We also learned something else today: if you order a corn dog you will get a look of confusion. Then clarify by saying “a hot dog… um on a stick?” “Hmmm, oh! That’s a pogo!”

Now the hamsters are settled in bed, and I’m about to join them. This mama hamster didn’t run around half as much as they did and she’s tired! Bonne nuit!


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  1. Skye

    Hey, girl……….

    I spent the last 30 minutes "catching up" on your travels. I was three days behind.

    Oh how I wish we had one of those "hamster cages" in our town…sounds like a ton of fun and good excercise!!!! I'm not sure about the french fries and cheese curds…I'm sure it tastes better than it looks!

    I am enjoying your adventures… are having such a wonderful summer full of great memories. It is so obvious the love you have for those children and how keenly interested you are in having them exposed to such wonderful things.


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