ADTE: Day 12

This morning I tried to sleep in, but once I opened my eyes at 6:30 I couldn’t turn my brain off. I snuck out of the trailer and took a shower came back in and made breakfast. The kids slept through the whole thing, but Mr. John woke up and we enjoyed our breakfast together. It was kind of like a date… if you can go on a date in a camper… with your kids sleeping 4 feet away.

We finally roused the kids and bribed them with biscuits and eggs and they got moving. FYI: if you ever go camping and wonder if you can make those cans of biscuits on a stove top, you can! I put them straight into a warm pot and capped them, turned them after a while and they were perfectly cooked.

Kathy came over with all our folded laundry and we set out for the day. She went to all the church history sites with us and The Sacred Grove, which was my favorite. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in there. All the pictures were taken on my real camera so you’ll just have to believe me. It was so dense and green and gorgeous and quiet. What a beautiful, peaceful place.

After a visit to the ice cream store, Kathy stole me away to go antique shopping. First we went to an amazing 3 story home from the 1930’s FILLED with treasures! Every nook, cranny, attic was overflowing with treasures. There were 2 or three kitchens set up with dishes, cabinets, everything and one was straight from the 1950’s complete with aqua blue metal kitchen cabinets. Swoon! We found… cookie cutters! And some adopted me on the spot.

We went to another beautiful shop that smelled like autumn! Amazing things tucked into drawers and bins. What fun to sift through beautiful things.

Kathy dropped me off at camp and said goodbye to the fam. What a complete sweetheart. She really went out of her way to make our stay wonderful. We packed up Kathy’s leftover lasagna for dinner and headed over to see the Hill Cumorah pageant. It was on a large hill with a huge stage and a cast of over 700! Our friends that live in the town adjacent to us in California were in it and they were nice enough to reserve us some seats. Here is a picture of us with the Van Den Eikhofs in their costumes. So great to see them!

The pageant was incredible, with erupting volcanoes, rocks falling, fires, and all kinds of special effects. What a beautiful presentation once again, put on by people willing to volunteer their time and talents. Amazing! It was all outside and since there had been so much rain for the past month we were super careful to cover ourselves with bug spray. We were already suffering from several bites and I had two particularly bad ones on the palm of my hand and the bottom of my foot! Ugh! I’d never been bit in those places, but I can now say with authority: those are two of the worst places to get bit!

We went straight to bed as we planned to get on the road early the next morning.


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  1. Sue

    Sounds (and looks) like you are having an amazing road trip! I have a cookie cutter JUST like the one you are holding, from my grandma from long ago:)

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