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Arty McGoo in her natural habitat, with camera in hand

Hi there.  My name is Liz and this is my blog!  I started this blog because I wanted to chronicle my creative pursuits.  A lot of stuff I make is for gifts or is sold, so I wanted to make sure I took pictures of my projects and wrote a little about each one to remember them.  Enter “Journal of Creative Processes for Posterity”.  But that name would not do!

The reason for the name Arty McGoo is because ART is sometimes taken too seriously or seen as pretentious.  Art is fun, it is messy, it can be made out of practically anything!  So I wanted a fun name and since I always find myself adding McGoo to words (ex: my kid’s shoes = stinky McGoo!) I decided my blog would be christened Arty McGoo!

Arty McGoo is the alias for my creative side.  My Sasha Fierce, if you will.  Like a gremlin, she usually comes out in the middle of the night brandishing a paintbrush and a glassy-eyed stare.  Besides being part gremlin I am a wife and mother of 3 who uses the word AWESOME way too often.  To find time to create, it is often necessary to stay up all hours of the night finishing a project in those quiet, uninterrupted, dark hours of the morning. 

I enjoy all forms of art: Painting, photography, papier mache, paper crafting, piano playing, and other things that don’t begin with a “P”.  Like Cookies!  I recently added Cookie McGoo to the McGoo family as my canvases have evolved to baked goods.  Maybe it’s a little confusing, but it makes sense in my crazy, unorganized brain.  So Cookie McGoo is the apron-wearing, cookie masterpiece-making side of my personality disorder and you’ll be seeing a lot of her as right now I am obsessed with all things COOKIE.

I love to make new friends and would love to hear from you or answer any questions.  Feel free to email me!  My multiple personalities will throw a coin to decide who will answer them.

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist ~Albert Einstein

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  1. B-OK

    I like what I read about you, so I've got an urge to write about you on my blog.
    Your work is stunning.

  2. kate

    I would love to purchase cookies! Do you sell them via mail?

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