3,000 Facebook Fan Giveaway

I recently gained lots of new friends on Facebook and I am so grateful and happy to have you!  I am lame and was supposed to do a 2,000 likes on Facebook, but I promise to make it up to you now.

I thought about what I should do that would express my appreciation for all you lovely likers out there and I figured I’d do what I love to do:  Make some cookies!

Sooooo, since this is for the big 3K I thought I’d pick not 1 winner… not 2 winners… but 3 winners!
Each winner will win a half dozen cookies and a one of kind piece of jewelry with an illustration by me on it.  I just thought of that, so I don’t have any example to show for it but it’s definitely marinating in my brain.  What can I say?  I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal!

How do you enter you ask?
There are only 2 things required:
1.  Simply “like” me on Facebook.
2.  Leave a comment below detailing your feelings about waffles, polka-dots, or climate change.  Actually your comment can be about anything, just make sure it’s epic and only ONE.  I know you won’t disappoint.  {I always LOVE comments on Facebook and you should leave lots of those too, but only comments below will be counted in the giveaway!}

I really want to open this giveaway to everyone, but I’m scared about prices for shipping all across the world, because unfortunately I’m not a millionaire (sad face).  If you are an international liker, whattya say if I open up the giveaway to you as well and if I randomly pull someone from Spain (hypothetically), we can split the shipping cost via paypal.

*ONE entry per person and I will keep the entries open until Friday, March 9th when I will announce the three winners.
*Make sure you include your email address so I can contact you when you are chosen as a winner!
*New winners will be redrawn if I do not get a response within a week.  {fair warning!}

Thank you for all the sweet compliments and support.  I’m always amazed at the response on Facebook I get 
and am so grateful to you.
Good luck! 

This giveaway is now closed!
Thank you all who entered!  You certainly did not disappoint with your comments.  They were EPIC and even poetic at times.  The winners have been emailed and are as follows:
Misty O’Brien
Jamie Polocak
Rachel Z

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  1. love you Arty McGoo! I get so much inspiration from you! And as for the comments, my hubby would tell you that I just LURVE polka dots–I put them on my cookies all the time, much to his chagrin. 🙂

  2. I like you, actually LOVE you on facebook. And I would love to win because your work of cookie art are sooooooo inspiring! As for dots…I LOVE dots, I can make them for hours, with paint, with RI…with pen…so relaxing…puts me in a zone!

    By the way I swear I'm not crazy…lol

  3. Well as you know you are my guru and I'm totally going to get you a cape one day! please pick me too! would so love to see your cookies in person 🙂 trilogyedibles (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. anne

    congrats on 3000 fans although it should be 3 million because your work is absolutely amazing! i appreciate you sharing your talent with us. it gives me inspiration every time i see how you turn a cookie into a work of art <3


  5. Christy M

    I love your stuff…. Chicken and Waffles was a dinner I loved that my grandma made when I was growing up. I love polka dots in blue/brown and pink/brown. Would love to win some cookies!!! teachn1@gmail.com

  6. Anita

    Love you beautiful cookies and I would be they taste as good as they look! I'm sure they are even better than polka dotted zebra striped waffles with blueberry or strawberry syrup! Congratulations to your first 3000 fans! I'm sure you'll have another 3000 fans soon.

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and I already like you on face book, I dislike all this bad weather and don't understand it at all. I also love your amazing work and it just makes me happy every time I see it. Sherry Baird mssherry48@hotmail.com

  8. Misty

    Polka Dotted Waffles. Yum. Yum. That would be beast. (According to Will Arnett's character on Up All Night, Beast is the new "epic" 😉 )

  9. Sherry

    To win cookies from Arty McGoo
    Would make me never feel blue
    Her artistic styles
    Keep me in smiles
    If you check her out, you'll soon smile too!

  10. Elizabeth

    I just love seeing new posts from you on facebook. It's always such a visual treat! I know when I see your name that I'll be dazzled!!! Ok, I love polka dots. Waffles, love too. Especially the ones with the chunks of sugar in them. YUM! I would be thrilled to win your cookies!!! I'll be more than happy to split the shipping cost to Canada! :o) jupiterhorses@gmail.com

  11. jcline

    I think your awesome and would love to win but I don't think I could eat your art:)

  12. Keara D

    You are amazing!! I'm jealous Nemiha got cookies made by you and she lives in Utah, Im feeling a summer birthday coming near (my dear oldest daughter will be turning 13 at girls camp, ouch I'm getting old) As for waffles, I love mine with bacon inside. yummy sweet and salty in every bite. 🙂

  13. I love waffles with lots of soy butter and syrup, I like polka dots when they are colored with brown, and in Michigan we get a lot of climate change so you know I'm use to it! 🙂 Last thing, I would love to win because Thursday is my BIRTHDAY!!! Yay!

  14. Joana Rosa

    Biting a cookie made by you should taste as a blast of art filling your mouth and coloring your body inside while you smile 🙂
    You're awesomely creative

  15. Michaelyn

    Waffles are delicious but I can't seem to make them any better than the eggos people can! Polka dots look adorable on my kids, plates, towels, just about anything but me! Climate change….if it changed to be a nice 75-80 degrees all the time, I'd support that wholeheartedly! ;)Anyway, I would love love love some cookies of yours!

  16. Anonymous

    Your art is so incredible, if I won I might be in violation of the First Commandment (from all the worshipping of it I'll be doing. I'm already planning what the altar will look like)

  17. I already LOVE you on Facebook. You are one of my top cookie idols and I'm giddy with excitement over the mere possibility of winning cookies made by you!!!

    My feeling are I can give or take pancakes, polka dots are so very fun, the climate doesn't change much here in Florida and my feelings are that cookie art is a growing phenomenon!!! The creativity that has already been shown by you and others and that is yet to come is so very exciting to me! The possibilities are endless and if you make a mistake, the evidence is easily disposed of via yourself, your family or a host of friends! What could be better!!! 🙂

    Thank you for having this giveaway….I REALLY hope I am one of the winners!

    Cindy ( Cookie Parade)

  18. I love waffles, so much so that my husband and I had them at our wedding. We served breakfast! Our wedding was super playful. Waffles and bacon on the menu and a Monster's Inc. wedding cake. Yes, we are a little silly. I love your site! I love looking at your amazing cookies. Your paintings are AMAZING!

  19. Stephanie

    I love Bruxie's waffles, it is super delicious. Also, waffles with peanut butter and nutella. try it, you won't be disappointed.

  20. WendiH

    What a fun giveaway! Love the amazing cookies!

  21. Jessica L

    Ooo…oooo…oooo….oooooo… Awesomely awesome. Like, like, like! I'll take a few cookies. 🙂

  22. Sprinkled With Love

    Waffles : YUM especially with ice cream Polka Dots: on most things just make me happy Climate change: deffinately miss the change of seasons since moving south. As for you: Amazing wish I had a smidge of your talent. I LOVE you (and your posts) on FB

  23. Anonymous

    Waffles….with peanut butter and maple syrup….mmmmmm….maybe once a year, but they are yummo. Your cookies always make me smile…..so amazed by what you are able to create. Amie mom2blaine@swbell.net

  24. Tracy

    What's shakin' sugar?? OMGosh!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE polka dots!! Waffles I can live without {so sorry!} and climate change—ugh, we're getting a blizzard here tonight! Up to 7 inches!! BLECH!! But, most of all, I love cookies~~mmmmmmmm! Cookies sing to my heart like a love song. They complete me and heal all the wrongs. They is good, they is kind, they important!
    ~~Tracy {who's serious lacking some yummy cookies right now!}

  25. Tracy

    Ooooo and my email~~findingtracy@yahoo.com {ya know, like Finding Nemo}

  26. Heather B.

    Waffles-Yes. With strawberries please.
    Polka dots-On anything buy my clothing 😉
    Climate change-I'm from Michgan…I'm used to having no idea what to expect in terms of weather.

    Oh and I think you are ah-mazing. So much so that I may have to replace my laptop as I'm quite sure I've drooled on the keyboard far too many times since I "found" you.


  27. Oh, how I love thee, Arty McGoo! My pork chops quiver at the sight of your cookies and my bacon flavored heart swoons to see one in person!


  28. Anonymous

    I have Loved you long time on Facebook! LOL Congrats on hitting 3k! (khays@flash.net)

  29. Anonymous

    LOVE waffles!
    Only like polka dots on cute little elephants.
    The climate change only means TX is getting HOTTER! 🙁

  30. Anonymous

    Love your cookies, brand new follower, and love this giveaway! And my epic comment is: I applied for a business license today!!!

  31. I liked you on facebook. How about polka dotted waffles with either chocolate chips or sprinkles in a climate change. (eacathcart2002@gmail.com)

  32. Corrie R

    Arty McGoo fandom- check.
    Polka Dots- so named because at the time the pattern became well known, the Polka was the most popular dance at the time….just think if noone named them until more recent times, the possibilities : Disco Dots, Mackerana Dots, Mosh Dots, Break Dots, Dirty Dots, Crunk Dots…

  33. I like my waffles crispy and my polka dots big. I like this blog just the way it is. Thanks!

  34. Yael

    I have "liked"you on FB for awhile now! I could never eat your cookies- I want to hang them on my wall as artwork!,,

  35. i liked you on facebook, i love waffles now i want some waffles and ice cream from the boardwalk lol and i loveee polka dots.
    i always love to try other peoples cookies you do beautiful work if you ever wanna do a cookie swap i'm down lol

  36. Kelly

    Already a fan! Being new to cookies I love your work. Thank you!

  37. I already like you on facebook – polka dots are one of my favourite things to put on cookies, they are easy for me, I am not a real artist like you. I would also be a guinea pig for shipping as I live in Canada!

  38. czimrn

    I like you on Facebook and love your blog and your gorgeous cookies and your Tell Arty all about it is priceless! Awesome!

  39. Anonymous

    You know I totally think you ROCK! Your work is amazing! Waffles are best eaten with REAL VT Maple Syrup on them…trust me. Oh, and you should be a presenter at a cookier convention – Please?! bethannhoffman@hotmail.com

  40. Anonymous

    If my kid were a waffle, I'd eat him. Why?! Because he's yummy (like those cookies, really!).
    I've totally wanted to say that since he was born and never found the right moment to, thanks for the opportunity. Your blog is wonderful and your gift is amazing. <3 niki Ramirez que22inom@yahoo.com

  41. Anonymous

    Have "liked" you for awhile now and would love to win some of your fantastic cookies! You'd have to send a plain one though cause I don't know if I could eat the decorated ones without crying! Waffles are the best when someone else makes them while I'm still in bed and able to just smell them cooking! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us! -Mary medegler@yahoo.com

  42. Kim Denbow

    Follow you on Facebook! Love your artistic talents with cookies! Amazing!

  43. Well actually, I kinda think your idea of commenting about polka dots is cool! ;o)I'm a polka dot (and stripes) girl! Red, black and white! I wanna included more in my cookies this year.

    THank you in advance, Arty-McGoo-cookie-Einstein!


  44. Haniela

    Is this weird. I'm thinking polka dot waffles, going to try them, you just gave me an idea.
    Thanks, Have a great week.

  45. Paula

    I'm not on FB so I'm not entering the contest. Just want to say congratulations on reaching this milestone in followers. Your thank you cookies are lovely and best wishes to all the entrants.

  46. Well, after all of these wonderful warm fuzzies, your head is probably light as a feather!!(hee hee) Any gal who serves pancakes/waffles at suppertime is alright in my book. Your work is inspirational to us all, and I always look foward to seeing what you do next. Congrats on the 3000!!! Did you ever think this cookie thing would turn out like this??? It's a hoot, isn't it?!
    Sharon @The Plaid Cookie slgibson99@hotmail.com

  47. lizy b

    Goooooood mornin' sunshine! Waffles are good! Pancakes for dinner are the best! I would love to sample your cookies and have a piece of wearable art!! Liked you on Facebook for ages! Eboncich@gmail.com

  48. Kat

    I believe that life's richest gifts, to mention a few, include: dogs(they are four-legged furry delicious bundles of love), fluffy fresh from the iron waffles (with REAL butter & REAL maple syrup), and cookies and cakes and pies and frosting (especially the imperfect ones that you eat right away to save them any potentially harmful criticism). Liked you a while back on facebook girl. Thanks for all the bee-yoo-te-ful pics you share!

  49. Dawn

    I liked you on facebook, I will be back with something meaningful to say.

  50. Anonymous

    I never met a waffle I didn't like…or a polka dot either, as long as it's on a cookie! I can honestly say that it'd eat anything that didn't try to bite me back! Love your work and love sharing your videos on youtube with friends and family!

  51. I already like you on Facebook, how could I not. Soons as I found your blog , I zipped over to FB to find you 🙂 That's how I roll. I too am a fly by the seat of my pants party gal.
    Funny that you mention waffles. I was CRAVING them last night for dinner but couldn't have any. I'm trying to forgo sugar for a month, crazy I know. Sooo. if I won your cookies would be the ultimate 1st sugary treat after depriving myself for a month.

  52. Shoot! Forgot to include my e-mail address so I deleted my first comment….so here we go again… 🙂

    Polka-dotted waffles are awesome! As for climate change…I'm beginning to think it's a wonderful thing, we haven't had to break out the snow blower, snow boots or window scrapers once this year. Woo, hoo!!!! 🙂 In all seriousness…I love your work…Congratulations on reaching 3000 facebook fans!!! — Kathy CakesOnTheLane@gmail.com

  53. Anonymous

    Ms. McGoo, I love you and your cookies too.
    Your art makes me smile, though your cookies may require me to run an extra mile.
    The colors are delish – but I wonder if you have ever drawn a cookie fish?
    Bring your family out for a tri for fun race. We would love to host you.
    We have lots of space!


  54. Isabella

    Your cookies complete m…..my wish for a yummy and beautiful treat. They are so beautiful I may not be able to eat them but I will make an exception.


  55. New fan on Facebook and Twitter, glad to have found you…really, really cool designs on your cookies!

    I will tell you that I am dying to try waffles with chicken! That the best waffles I've had are in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a place called Aretha Frankensteins.

    And last, that I think polka dots are cute and charming at any age and on anything!!

    Mayra at In flight

  56. Alexandra

    I've been a liker on FB for awhile now and would like you a thousand times over if I could. Please don't ever stop blogging and sharing.

    I like waffles, my son lives for waffles.


  57. katpilato

    there once was a blogger, "McGoo"
    Her cookies were too pretty to chew
    She's asked about topics
    from waffles to polka dots and the tropics
    I'm thinking she needs more cookies to do!
    …well, you didn't say not to include BAD poetry!

  58. Anonymous

    So happy to even get a chance to see (and maybe even taste) your cookies in "real life"! As for polka dots they are my favorite pattern – you can't take yourself too seriously when you wear them and they remind you that life is fun. Same goes for doing the polka… so much fun and no one really cares if you look goofy!
    Love you Arty!

  59. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events

    Congrats on 3000 fans! Well deserved! I just love seeing your new cookie creations and I still remember your side walk art pic (which was awesome by the way!). As for polka dots. Seriously they are perfect. It's interesting that they work from baby's room all the way up to adult apparel. That's why I'm obsessed with them! <3 <3 <3
    Dina – Deliciously Daring Events (deliciouslydarling@gmail.com)

  60. Denise

    I would love to taste your cookies, they are so beautiful…and I live local so you wouldn't even have to waste money on shipping 🙂

  61. Veronica L.

    I recently found you through Pinterest and have already liked your Facebook page. Your creations are amazing!

  62. Anonymous

    Liked on Facebook. I LOVE how you paint on your cookies. They're all so cute! I find waffles Bland. I like pancakes better 😀


  63. IFeelCook

    Such a great giveaway! Your cookies are amazing. I'd love to have some of them. I'd eat one and saved the others like a treasure 😉 I follow you on Twitter, Facebook, RSS…
    I like your cookies more than I love waffles 😀

    Mail: ifeelcook@ifeelcook.es

  64. Lisa

    I just liked your facebook page!

    I'm a dork so I'd love to see cookies based on the Hunger Games. Perhaps the pin/brooch that Madge gives Katniss? I think it's a pretty symbol.

    Love all of your work!

    lisa (dot) walsh09 @ gmail (dot) com

  65. Jackie

    I adore your cookie art – simply beautiful and amazing! Here's hoping to winning some of your cookies! And I do like waffles, too! 🙂

    Jackie – jacquievi@yahoo.com

  66. Tammy

    You are amazingly talented. My youngest daughter is in awe of your cookies.

    Thanks for the chance.

    SweetDreamzSoapworks at gmail dot com

  67. Darby

    You already know I LOVE your cookies and totally LIKE you on FB!

    Cookies, what is NOT to love i'm not sure I've ever met one I did not like!
    darby@darbym dot com

  68. Maureen

    Awesome giveaway! Congrats on this milestone. Beautiful talent and inspiring!!!

  69. Lisa fay James

    Your designs cheer up my day. Keep up the good work.

  70. jeannette

    Let's talk about the fact that I ate yogurt (chobani pineapple, yummm) about an hour ago and I'm already starving. Then I read this post about cookies and you mention waffles… I'm a goner. I'm heading into the kitchen after this to rustle up something before my tummy eats the lining of my organs. 🙂 Sweet give away!!

    jpinnick86 at gmail dot com

  71. Mmmmmmm POLKA DOT WAFFLES!!! You are a beautiful genius!! And boo to climate change. I just want the waffles 🙂

  72. Liz

    Love, love, love your work! Always inspirational. I'm going to channel my inner Arty McGoo for a cake I'm working on this weekend. 🙂 Congrats on your 3,000 likers! hook_for_hand@yahoo.com

  73. Bethany

    Lets see here… I love waffles with jam (no syrup for me :), I have no real feelings about polka dots lol… I can take em or leave em, and as for this CRAZY weather… It keeps me on my toes but it would be nice to have a little stability… I am already a FB fan and my email is bethany(dot)dunteman@gmail(dot)com

  74. Rachel Z

    Already a fan on Facebook! The first time I saw your cookies, I fell in love. Your work is incredibly amazing! I think if I were one of the lucky winners, I wouldn't eat them…they will probably sit on my shelf, like works of art, only to be gawked at! Which leads me to think maybe you should include a not-as-incredible looking cookie so I can taste one, but I don't think it's remotely possible for you to make an ugly looking cookie! 🙂

    just in case im a lucky winner….rachel_62103@hotmail.com 🙂

  75. Natalie A

    I 'like' you on FB already. Your cookies always amaze me! They are just incredible.

    I live in Canada, just north of Toronto, and we've had a crapy, crazy winter, barely any snow. It's going to feel like spring later this week, but it still doesn't feel like winter ever started. However, even though I live in the NOT so 'great white north', if I win you can send the cookies down to my parents in Florida! They'd be so surprised!


  76. Anonymous

    waffles are good, very good, i make them with bacon, with love, with my kid, with honey.my cat eats them as well.if i put banana on them my rabbit eats them. polka dots I love, simply love, i wore polka doted underwear with puppy on my wedding day (just panties, who needs bra, really). climate change happens. yes it does, in circles….that is how it works.
    and i like you on fb, i like you even without fb!

  77. I love love love looking at your cookies/art. I have seen beautiful cookies in the past, but yours totally knocks them out the water! Seeing your tutorial changed my way of decorating cookies with my 4yr old. We now use brushes and food coloring to decorate them. Besides being much easier to use than royal icing, she really enjoys it and lets her imagination run wild with the brush. You are truly inspiring and humbling. BTW on a side note…I like plaid. Something about the straight lines, colors and interception that gets me lol strange I know. Poka dots are cute too.


  78. Penny

    I like you on Facebook! But I am going to go ahead and admit right now that I have never been a waffle girl. The butter always clumps up in the little holes and doesn't spread properly. Pancakes FTW!
    pennyknapik at gmail dot com

  79. Shaaka

    Hi Liz…I am already a fan of yours on FB.:)

    I've had the pleasure of tasting one (or two; smile) of your cookies and it was love at FIRST BITE. How you are able to get them to actually taste as good as they look (or vice versa?) is beyond me!?! You are so gifted. I would be so thrilled to have a batch to call my own (my two year old will certainly make sure this doesn't happen) and revisit one of my favorite GOOD EATS memories hands down.

    Thanks in advance!


  80. ibeeflower

    I love your page on Facebook! FB doesn't allow me to click "Love", so I had to "Like" it. Your work is incredible! You are so talented. I recently saw a tutorial video of yours and it was such a cool technique for me to try.

    Flor flor [dot] alma [dot] rodriguez [at] gmail [com]

  81. Sarah

    Ohhh! I am a fan on facebook, both personally and on my cookie page. I love your work and as I sit here, I think I will make cupcakes like the one on your page this afternoon. I only wish I could paint cookies like you do… I have about six ideas in my head for great painted cookies and not enough confidence or talent to pull them off. (insert sigh) I do ADORE polka-dots. As a three-girl mom, I can't get enough polka-dots!

    Thank you for having this give away! Congratulations on 3000 likes!


  82. vicki

    Already "like" you on FB…..and I love waffles…but only with a big, juicy piece of fried chicken on top and then doused with syrup! Yep! Waffles and chicken. I'm on the fence about polka dots……….and I just bought a Fiat 500, so I'm doing my part for the environment.



  83. adrianne

    You are one of my favorite cookie artists, and polka dots are one of my favorite things in the world, so I'm glad you mentioned them! 🙂 Congrats on 3,000! You deserve 300,000 more! 😉

  84. Amanda

    So if the weather was chilly, changing from the sunshiny happiness that it had been the day before, I'd say that it would be time for some polka-dot waffles. I would think this would be deliciously done with cherries placed in the holes of the waffle. Or maybe mini-marshmallows. Or chocolate chips. There really is no wrong way to make them. Wait, is that the climate change you were talking about??

    I don't just like you on FB, I love you! <3


  85. Bernadette

    You are an incredibly talented woman, your skill is terrific.

    As for waffles, they are fluffy pads of buttery goodness.



  86. Chrissy White

    Love your work, incredible skillful and creative. Would love to actually taste them. I'm sure they are wayyy better then any waffle (and I like waffles lol). Best of luck in everything!!


  87. Shona

    I like your page on Facebook already. Your cookies are absolutely amazing!!! I'd love to win them!

    I love waffles topped with ice cream, whipped cream, fresh banana, slivered almonds and drizzled with caramel. Yummy!!!

  88. Tifany Ede

    Waffles. Where do I start? They are the epitome of everything I want in a breakfast food. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Most people ask for pancakes. I prefer the fluffy yet crispy textured goodness of a well mastered waffle. When preparing the waffle batter, I add cinnamon and vanilla extract/creamer to add a delicate touch to an already delectable food. Buttering my waffles is not taken lightly in this house either. I make sure there is butter melting in every last square before I top it off with Pure Maple Syrup. Swoon. I love me some waffles. o.O

  89. 3,000 fans Liz! WOW! You ROCK! Oh to win some cookies from Arty McGoo – what a dream come true -seriously! Super fun! Ok, so I like waffles, but I really prefer the little heart shaped ones that my mom makes and all others are just okay. I love polka dots but they pretty much HAVE to be in pink & lime green, wouldn't you agree?! And as far as climate change… we live in California so we don't have THAT much climate change, but on my bike ride yesterday, the temperature dropped 12 degrees in 30 minutes and I wasn't much liking that as my little toes got frozen. Then on my bike ride today, the weather said it was going to be 49 degrees so I pretended to be brave and on every last bit of wool that I own of my cycling gear and it was actually 63 degrees and I was quite sweaty in wool! Anything else you want to know? Well then we should have a sleep-over 😉

  90. jean

    Congratulations on 3,000 fans. I'm one of them. I am certain what you make/send will be wonderful.

  91. owgimela

    You are absolutely FABulous!! As for Climate Change-must be caused when I PolkaDot in our homemade brownie Waffles!! 🙂

  92. BessKaren

    Just found your blog (and I made sure to pin-it! 🙂 You do amazing work! Thanks for sharing for the rest of us to enjoy (and try to duplicate?).

    kity at twaskas dot com

  93. Melody

    I am a Facebook liker/fan. And I love waffles and polka dots…so much so that I had waffles for breakfast just now! Ooh, how about polka dot waffles! (sprinkles perhaps?)

  94. Kat

    I'm so in awe of your hand-drawn cookies. It's one thing to be talented with icing, but those Peter Pan cookies are absolutely stunning! Waffles are delicious, and so are polka-dots (especially those sugar dots that come on long strips of paper), but waffles dotted with chocolate chips are probably the best. 🙂

    kfarrel3 [at] gmail [dot] com

  95. Leana

    I like you on Facebook!

    Waffles – Love how excited my boys get when I announce I making a batch!

    leanaasmith [at] gmail [dot] com

  96. Candace

    Hello there!!! Been a fan of your facebook page for quite some time now, and admire everything you do. OH SO JEALOUS of your insane talent, but so happy for you that you get to do something you obviously love so much every day. I am also doing something I love, taking care of my three girls!! My husband works out of state all the time, so it's just us here and they would have a super cow to win treats from you (I totally would to by the way). Thank you for having a celebration giveaway, and I wish you much more success in the future!!

  97. Amy G.

    I wouuld love to see your cookies up close and personal! Love your work!

  98. margreat

    Not being an artist, such as yourself, you have indeed inspired me to try my hand at some cookie art and I have found I like it! I recently did the man on the moon face and although he bordered on creepy, he was kinda cool too. I believe you commented on him. So, thank you for inspiring even those of us with no natural talent!

  99. Julie

    I am always amazed by your stunning works of cookie art. To put it quite simply…..YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. Almost forgot about the waffles…I have the most awesome waffle recipe. My great-grandma made them for us all the time and we finally managed to get her to write the recipe down. Heavenly with butter and a little powdered sugar!

  100. Genae

    I deleted my Facebook, Liz! But I still love you and check your blog. I don't want to be in the contest, just want to tell you:)

  101. Anonymous

    I would LOVE to win!Your an artistic goofy genius! And I plan on ordering cookies in the following year! I make cakes for a living and you make my cakes jealous! hehe


    Malaquia Brown

  102. Lic. Janna

    I really luv your work, it's epic and inspiring… I am learning myself to make cookies and different stuff, to open my own bussines, and making delicious goodies for everyone here in el Paso Texas and Juarez Mexico. Gosh I really hope I win, I really really consider you an ispiration to my work… Hope you can like fans internationally cause I'm in the american and mexican border baby!!!!!! Luv ya!!!!!

  103. The Studes

    ok I think I need to enter this! You are so wonderful and avi still talks about her cookies from her party.

  104. Heather Bordan

    Hi Liz! We had waffles at work on Wednesday. I thought of you and your post! :b And we are rebranding again at work which made me want cookies with our new name!!! =D Pick me Pick me! Love all you fabulous creations!!! Heather Bordan hbordan@ymail.com

    1. Jenn

      I like you on Facebook. Actually, I "LOVE" you on Facebook!! Thanks for the entry ;0)

  105. Kay May

    Your Work is simply incredible. We'd added your giveaway to our blog at http://www.cookietwoshoes.com.

    If you are ever interested in being a guest blogger on our site, we would be blown away! It's just a pleasure to see your creations 🙂 Thanks, Kay

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