McGoo U Online: November 2015

McGoo U: November 2015
November is the month to celebrate autumn, friends and family, and giving thanks for what you have.  What better way to say thank you than with cookies? Decorate along with me using an autumn color palette and be grateful for your mad ninja cookie skills!

Techniques: painting, stippling, brush lettering, wafer paper, McGoo glitter gold

  • Click here for information on the tools you will need for this month's class!

Mixing It Up: November 2015
Georganne is baking up something BIG and she tells us all about it here!  "The Cookie Companion" ` a Decorator's Guide book comes out this month and I am so excited!!!  She talks about the process of writing it, taking pictures for it, and what is IN it!  I am totally geeking out over this and I know you will too.  Also, we answer live questions from periscope.  It's a video within a video.  Mind blown!  Come mix it up with Georganne and Arty!

Expert Lab: November 2015
Georganne Bell is back in the Expert Lab showing us her breathtaking autumn leaf technique!  Such a beautiful and fun way to celebrate the season's changing colors!

After School: November 2015"Real Housewives of Cookie County"
~Birthday Trip
~Cookie Calendar Girls
They may live in the lap of luxury, but life isn't always perfect for the women who reside in one of the wealthiest enclaves of the world (Cookie County). They focus on living the "cookie lifestyle", one upmanship, having more cookie cutters than the "Johnsons"; plastic surgery, shopping, drinking, dancing, and dining out top their agendas. Ladies come and go through the show's run as too many cookiers in the kitchen result in burn outs. That's the way the cookier crumbles!

Extra Frosting: November 2015
There is always some frosting left over after a cookie project. Don't let it go to waste! This is the time to practice a technique or try something new. Earn a little extra credit and use up that extra frosting! All extra frosting segments are created spur of the moment, with no planning or designing, using the actual extra frosting leftover from McGoo U classes.