McGoo U Online: November 2014

McGoo U: November 2014 Edition
Join Arty McGoo and her friends Andrea (Bella Cakes), Laura (Cadillac Cookies), and Teresa (Sister Teresa's Custom Cut Cookies). Decorate along with them as they create a colorful autumn set of cookies, perfect for Thanksgiving. Some of the techniques covered are painting with food coloring, chalkboard cookies, piping, royal icing transfers, and more! For a list of supplies to cookie along with us, go to

Mixing It Up: November 2014 Edition
Georganne Bell is known for her beautiful use of color and clever designs.  We chat about her family, her idea of a perfect Thanksgiving and how living in South Korea inspired her to make cookies.  

Expert Lab:  November 2014 Edition
Come learn in the McGoo U laboratory as visiting professor Dr. Georganne Bell PhD Sugar Scientist (LilaLoa) shows us her adorable turkey design using a flower cookie. Some techniques covered in this tutorial are piping, painting, drawing, and wet-on-wet.

After School: November 2014 Edition
Arty and Georganne don't understand the hype around Fantasy Football and their husband's obsession with it... until they imagine what it would be like to create their own Fantasy Cookie League and pick their favorite cookie artists for their rosters.  Things get a little heated...

Extra Frosting: November 2014 Edition
There is always some frosting left over after a cookie project. Don't let it go to waste! This is the time to practice a technique or try something new. Earn a little extra credit and use up that extra frosting!