Episode 12: The Return of Cookie News, Oreo tasting & October fun in McGoo U!


October is here and so is Cookie News! In this Episode, Arty McGoo & Mr. John discuss some fun and disturbing Cookie News including…

Mr. John surprised Arty by having the 2 new Oreo flavors in the studio to taste. It’s a taste test you have to hear. Listen to the podcast this week and find out how you can win a sleeve of ‘Hot Chicken Wing’ and ‘Wasabi’ flavored Oreos ONLY AVAILABLE in China! Follow along and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 11: CookieCon Recap & an interview with Patrice Romzick


Arty McGoo & Mr. John are home from an INCREDIBLE and WONDERFUL time at CookieCon and are now ready to spill the beans! Join Arty & Mr. John as they discuss and dissect the ins and outs of CookieCon.

Arty and Mr. John also chat about the new COOKIECON YEARBOOK! A video that will be FULL of great CookieCon content! check out www.cookieconyearbook.com to order yours!

Also, Mr. John sits down with Patrice Romzick in Kansas City to discuss her home town, hobbies and more. Follow along and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 10: The CookieCon Special with Mike & Karen & September McGoo U!


This is an exciting episode as Arty McGoo & Mr. John dive into their top 5 "MUSTS" for CookieCon.  Since CookieCon is coming up September 12-15 in Indianapolis, we chat with Mike & Karen Summers about all things CookieCon and get a bit of a sneak peak as to what we can expect. 

Check out CookieCon HERE to view line up, schedules and MORE!

Check out CookieCon Yearbook to order your video yearbook from this year's CookieCon!

Arty also shares her cookie parody "Caffeine (How Did I Get Through This Night?)"  Follow along and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 9: Cookie News, What is the Keto Diet?, August McGoo U with Bev Parker!


Cookie News takes an unexpected turn as Arty McGoo & Mr. John discuss the Keto Diet and more!

-  9 Keto Cookie Recipes That Are Somehow Part of a Diet- Greatist.com

Dunkin' Donuts wants your input for the new Girl Scout Cookie coffee flavor for 2019 return- MassLive.com

- 'Kindhearted' Kaley holds cookie sale, raises more than $850 to benefit Harrison police- TribLive.com (I don't know why 'Kindhearted' is inbetween apostrophes...)

Mr. John chats with Bev Parker from Bev Made Cookies and the conversations bounces from Canada to cookies to music.  Want to see her playlist?  Click below for Apple Music and Spotify lists (127 songs!)

Apple Music- Bev's Happy Baking Playlist

Spotify- Bev's Happy Baking Playlist

Arty & Mr. John also share the rockin' cookie parody "Roll Out Dough All Night".  Follow along and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 8: A Hectic Summer, Cookie News & August McGoo U!


An incredible summer full of excitement is finally wrapped up as Arty McGoo & Mr. John return to McGoo U Radio! Cookie News is all this and a bag of nuts...

Woman's Hilarious Story Of How She Ruined A Science Study With Cookies Goes Viral- IFL Science

Retail Watch: Cookie dough no longer a 'no'- The Morning Call

- Iowa State Fair's strangest food this year could be cookie dough spaghetti- Fox News

Arty gives McGoo U, August 2018 details.  Arty and Mr. John also share the heart-felt cookie parody "I Know My Cookies."  

Be sure to follow along and share in the cookie fun!

Episode 7: Talking Cookies AND Sports!


The summer house party continues at McGoo U Radio!  Mr. John gives Arty a quiz... or sorts. and Cookie News takes us to Pennsylvania (through South Florida, and Japan!  Cookie News is stuffed with fun from...

13 Things You Didn't Know About Oreo Cookies- Insider

- In 1700’s, German Protestant Settlers To Nazareth, PA, Invented Sugar Cookies- South Florida Reporter

Grab a cookie (or five) to share at Tokyo Station’s Country Ma’am Tea House- The Japan Times

Mr. John shares a sporty interview with Cindi Turner from Flour and Faith Cookies, and a story from his early days with Arty and the Lakers.  Follow along and join in the cookie fun!

Episode 6: Did You Know It's Summer?


Summer fun is in full effect and so is the heat at McGoo U Radio!  Arty shares some of the feel-good cookie happenings taking place with her McGoobers as well as NEW products in the artymcgoo.com store!

Cookie News contains a visit to the "Did You Know" file, and discussions on the following articles:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Introduces Two Varieties Of Cookies & Cream Ice Blended® Drink For The Summer - PR Newswire

Cookies Bring a 'Taste of Home' To Those Overseas- WBAY.com

Arty and Mr. John also share the cookie parody "Just Leave Me A Comment."  Which is definitely a track that tells a tale most cookiers can relate to.  

Be sure to follow along and share in the cookie fun!

Episode 5: The Latest Cookie News, The Angry Cookier & KK I Need You Now


Due to anniversaries and work excursions, this is the 1st podcast of June.  The kids are on summer vacation, we already recorded in Kansas City, and have a LOT to do this summer.  However, that doesn't slow down Cookie News!  This update is filled with Walmart cookie products, late night cookieing, and an angry cookier suing the city.   

Boise Bargoers Are "Stumbling" Into New Cookie Store. You Can Walk In. Or Order Delivery- Idaho Statesman  (This gets my Horrible Headline award.  WOW!)

 - Night Owl Cookies Set to Open Massive New Shop in Southwest Miami-Dade- Miami New Times

PSA: Walmart Sells Cookie Butter Cream Cheese- Delish.com

DiCapo Foods Sues After Denied To Sell Cookies At City Market- KCTV News

Arty & Mr. John also share the cookie parody "KK, I need you now."

Don't forget that you can earn your McGoo U varsity patches!  check out the details HERE!

Follow along and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 4: An Oreo Scandal & May McGoo U featuring Tammy Trahan


It's the middle of May and this week's cookie news is full of scandal and big cookie sales!  Mr. John interviews this month's McGoo U Expert Lab guest, Tammy Trahan from New Orleans Cookie Company.  

Get caught up in cookie news as Arty McGoo & Mr. John discuss the most pressing cookie matters...

- Oreo Cookie Contest Controversy- WILX

- Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mother's Day- TIME

- Hamptons Cookie Maker Tate's Bake Shop Sold For $500 Million- CBS New York

Don't forget that you can earn your McGoo U varsity patches!  check out the details HERE!

Follow along and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 3: Announcements, CookieCon, Cookie News and "CookieCon Anthem"


McGoo U Radio dives head first into BIG CookieCon News!  Rumors are finally put to bed, and announcements are made!  "Cookie News" hits all the topics buzzing around the cookie world.  If you want to read the articles discussed, check out the following links...

FDA & FTC warn companies to stop making e-liquids that look like candy, cookies, juice boxes- WMAR 2

Cherry Cola Oreos, Anyone? - Marketing Dive

Girl Scouts Donate Cookies to Food Pantry- Channel3000.com

Ben & Jerry's Just Dropped Three Brand-New Cookie Dough Flavors- Delish

Cookie Monster Makes Midnight Confessions to Stephen Colbert- Comicbook TV

McGoo U courses and content for May 2018 are discussed.  Find out about the "May-Cup" theme all month long!  The "Expert Lab" and "Mixing It Up" features special guest Tammy Trahan, and After School features a bunch of your favorite cookiers.  

We close with the full "cookie-fied" version of "Party Rock Anthem".  It's Arty McGoo's parody "CookieCon Anthem."

Follow along, and enjoy the cookie fun!

Episode 2: Cookie News, McGoo U- April 2018


In this show, Arty McGoo and Mr. John dig into current and topical "Cookie News"!  If you want to read the articles discussed, check out the following links...

The Pittsburgh Cookie Table’s history, mystery and etiquette - The Incline

Krispy Kreme's Newest Doughnuts Are Inspired By Your Favorite Cookies - Delish

Organic gourmet cookie dough shop now open in Ogden - Good4Utah.com

We also chat about all the happenings in McGoo U this month.  All segments are discussed from the multi-faceted "McGoo U" course work, through the "Expert Lab" and "Mixing It Up" with special guest Nancy Westfall, and finally ending at "Smart Cookie."

Follow along, and enjoy the cookie fun!

McGoo U Radio: Episode 1(ish)

Radio Logo.jpeg

Recorded LIVE from the student center on the majestic and magical campus of McGoo U....   McGoo U Radio is ON THE AIR!  

Most great ideas happen on the road.  This is where Liz (aka Arty) and I have a chance to discuss, brainstorm, and laugh for hours at a time.  Last March, Liz, Kim and I were in the middle of a 12 hour return trip from CookieCon.  I was discussing how much I missed being on air, producing morning shows, and enjoying the interaction with listeners.  After almost 15 years away from the microphone, I had started producing a podcast and enjoyed the process.  Kim mentioned "What about a podcast for Arty McGoo?" and Liz followed that with "It could be McGoo U Radio!"  That was all I needed to hear!  My mind was racing with ideas for the program.  This could be a lot of fun.  I can't make cookies, draw, pipe, or do any kind of art, but I can talk!

It took a little while to vet out.  Music can't be played unless it's properly licensed.  Of course, I needed to make sure we had permissions for all music use.  That took time.  Then, the content.  A podcast is nice, but we wanted to make sure this was sustainable.  After a little while to consider these things, and trying to find the time with two businesses to work, the three kids and their crazy schedules, family, church and other responsibilities; the timing had to be right.  

That brings us to today.  The stars have aligned and we are ready to go!

All of this said, I have a few production notes.  First, the initial podcast to any program ends up being different than the show is 10-15 episodes in.  I know this will change significantly, and I'm OK with that.  Please consider this to be the "Pilot Episode".  

For this production, there are some hiccups, so lets get them out there first.  Arty's Mic volume was VERY low, and I had to adjust it a lot in post production.  Sorry about that, that's my fault.  I tend to have a loud, obnoxious voice, and Arty has an angelic voice that is a symphony to all those who listen to her.  I didn't adjust her mic before we started.

This initial episode was fun to get started, and overall, I'm just glad to be starting the project and getting these out to all McGoobers to enjoy.  I am always open to suggestions. you can hit me at contact@artymcgoo.com.  I can't wait to see where this project goes :)

-Mr. John