McGoo U: March 2017

McGoo U: March 2017
Signs of spring are starting to show up and here at McGoo U we are challenging ourselves to make a set of cookies that celebrate the changing season using one cookie cutter.  The shape is the same one we used back in December for our "Joy" cookie and now we're bringing it to a new season with butterflies, flowers, and bees.

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Mixing It Up: March 2017
Delorse not only decorates baby cow cookies, she helps take care of baby cows in real life.  In Mixing it Up we talk about how she started decorating and her first CookieCon.

Expert Lab: March 2017

Delorse Sword of "Sword's Sugars" joins us in the Expert Lab to show us how she turned a cauldron cookie cutter into a baby cow!  And a baby cow wouldn't be complete without one of Delorse's beautiful bows.  These cookies are udderly adorable!

Smart Cookie: March 2017

After School: March 2017
"Cookie Confessions II" Prepare to be shocked, amazed... horrified! Cookiers share their dirtiest secrets anonymously. (no cookiers or cookies were harmed in the filming of this skit. some were licked, but all of these "confessions" were made up)

Extra Frosting: March 2017
There is always some frosting left over after a cookie project. Don't let it go to waste! This is the time to practice a technique or try something new. Earn a little extra credit and use up that extra frosting! All extra frosting segments are created spur of the moment, with no planning or designing, using the actual extra frosting leftover from McGoo U classes.