McGoo U Online: June 2015

McGoo U: June 2015
Happy Father's Day from McGoo U to you!  This month we celebrate the dads in our lives by creating cookies they are sure to love:  A shiny trophy, a sweet greeting customized with the year they became a dad, and an impressive geometric tie design made easy with a few tips.  All of these cookies are perfect for dads, husbands, grandpas, and as always the techniques learned can be used in endless cookie themes and designs.

Friends who joined me this month for all the cookie fun:
Christina Ramsey
Andrea Garner - Bella Cakes
Sally Fraise - Sweetiedoodle

Techniques:  piping, wet on wet, painting, tissue transfer,  

Cookies: silver embellished trophy, dad established plaque, geometric ties

Check out my blog for more information on all of the supplies you will need to follow along!

Mixing It Up: June 2015
We're mixing things up by mixing up cookie dough and royal icing.  It's time to go back to the basics as the foundation of cookie decorating is so important.  If you don't have a great tasting cookie recipe that keeps its shape, or have a batch of royal icing that is full of problems, then decorating isn't fun... it's frustrating!  

I go step-by-step through my process and recipes that are most consistent for me and a great base to build off of.  I've added everything from zests, extracts, crushed up candies and chocolate chips, to chipotle and raspberry preserves to my cookie dough, and it always comes out tasting amazing and holding its shape even without chilling.  

With so many variables it is a great idea to measure your ingredients to decide what additions or variations would work in your climate and with your oven, tools etc.  Happy baking!

Expert Lab: June 2015
This month's McGoo U is focused on Father's Day and our visiting Expert Lab professor is none other than Dad McGoo!  Arty's dad Larry leads the tutorial this month as he teaches us how to create cookie cutters using cans.  He shows us all the tools and tricks he uses to create one of a kind custom shapes and turns trash to treasure.  Brilliant!

After School: June 2015
This is what happens when cookies and 80's Rock collide!  This video captures all the glamour, drama, the sleep deprivation and angst of a late-night cookier and adds smoke, lights and mullets.  This month's After School is a music video parody of Heart's song 'Alone'.

I hear the hum of my Kopykake,
Beyond this light, the room's pitch dark.
11 dozen cookies piped
It's gonna take all night to flood them all.

And the night goes by so very slow.
I should have made more cookie dough,
Oh no!

Till now, I always got 8 hours of sleep
Before this cookie craze took over
And now I'm baking through the night
How do I get through this night?
How do I get through this night?

You don't know how long I have sat here
With piping bag and toothpick in hand.
My neck is sore, my hand's a claw,
The alarm clock will go off in an hour.

And I just ran out of cookie bags.
Oh! I should have made ingredient tags,
Oh no!

Till now, I always got 8 hours of sleep
Before this cookie craze took over
And now I decorate all night.
How did I get through this night?
How did I get through this night?

BONUS Extra Frosting: June 2015
Okay... so this bonus isn't actually extra frosting.  Dad McGoo uses up an extra can from his tutorial to show you a cookie cutter he makes from start to finish EF style.  Watch to see what a perfectly adorable cutter he creates!