Arty's 12 Days After Christmas: Day 10!

What in the wild world is that?!  Meet the Vacuum Pick-Up Tool from SugarVeil!  If you have ever painstakingly added dragees on cakes and cookies with a tweezer than you understand that gravity is not your friend.  Those dragees have a mind of their own and will fall everywhere you don't want them to.  This vacuum tool is here to make gravity your friend again.

This little machine is an ingenious tool that picks up the tiniest sprinkle to the most delicate and intricate SugarVeil lace with suction and enables you to place it exactly where you want it.  It is super easy to use, is compact, and comes with extra tips.  What a fun and useful new toy!

Enter to win below and of course, along with this awesome prize you will also win prizes from Day 1 - 9:

  1. "Baking Buddies" pin set ~ Semi Sweet
  2. Mannheim Steamroller Blu-ray, 2 CDs, & Chai Tea
  3. Arty McGoo cutters and tools prize pack
  4. Sweet SugarBelle's Valentine's Day cookie cutters
  5. DoughEZ rolling system
  6. How Sweet is That? $50 gift certificate
  7. Global Sugar Art $60 gift certificate
  8. 2Ts Stencils huge prize pack + $30 gift certificate
  9. Christine's Molds $80 gift certificate

Good luck!