Ephemeral Art


People always ask me, "Do you really want people to eat your cookies?"

My answer is simple, "Yes... but let me take a picture of it first."

People who create ephemeral art spend time making something they know will not last forever.  Whether it is chalk art, ice sculptures, or cookies, the very nature of the masterpiece is fleeting; created to fade away.  I think the beauty of cookies as art is that while you can visually enjoy all kinds of ephemeral art, you actually ingest this delicious canvas.    

Take the above cookie for example:  That ephemeral definition cookie lasted about 10 minutes and tasted of raspberries.  Mmmmmmmm... art!  

It really does make me happy when people eat my cookies.  I make them taste good for a reason!  Beyond cookies, I find food beautiful in general.  The colors, the textures.  Do you think if I told someone my favorite food is art, I would get weird looks?  I guess you could call my creations below my more abstract work.     

Now all this talk about food is making me hungry.  Time to go eat some art...