House Warming

Welcome to my new home!  I'm super excited to have all my stuff together in one spot and unpacked.  The bathroom is down the hall and you can hang your coat here.  Let me show you around a bit.  There are pictures in the gallery, some videos, even a shop where you can check out and enroll in McGoo U classes!  I hope you take a look around and stay awhile.  

Speaking of videos, I want to take a moment to talk about the "Fun" selection under videos.  If you were an attendee of CookieCon, this is where you can go to re-live the ridiculousness of my keynote speech that I gave to kick off the conference.  If you were not at CookieCon:  Let me explain...  no, it will take too long to explain, let me sum up.

We cookiers have built an awesome community.  We are helpful, encouraging, talented, friendly, and... let's admit it, crazy.  Even as awesome as our community is, we're missing something.  Cakers have it, CUPcakers have it, moonshiners have it, heck!  even the sasquatch hunting community has it.  What are we missing?


In an effort to rectify this glaring omission in our broadcasting, I introduced a brand new, cutting edge technology at CookieCon that will change the television and cookiesphere as we know it.  Introducing... CookieVision!

"Is it a tv show?" you ask.  think bigger.  "A cookie CHANNEL?!"  even more awesome.

Imagine a device that when activated makes ALL your favorite shows and characters as obsessed with cookies as you are!  Imagine turning on your set to any show, any time and it is about cookies.  THAT is CookieVision!  

Though CookieVision is still in beta testing, Professor Crumb {the leading creative director of new media technology and co-creator of CookieVision... Mr. John} was on hand at the conference to show us a preview of what we can look forward to with CookieVision and to take notes on the cookie community's reactions.    

  • Be prepared to be wowed with the revolutionary power of the cookie.  
  • See how it will change your favorite tv shows and programming.  
  • Be warned... you can never un-see Mr. John in a dress and lipstick! 

Mr. John and I had so much fun putting these together and we hope you enjoy!

Back to housewarming... I'm so glad you came.  I have a lot of big plans for this space and I hope you come by and visit me often.  You're always welcome as long as you play nice and share.  Have a fabulous day and ... BAKE THAT!