Hint-able Printable

Do you remember when you were a kid you would sit on Santa's lap; he would ask if you were good that year (of course I was!) and then he would ask you what you wanted?  You would tell him about that thing you have been hoping and dreaming and wishing for and drawing circles around in the magazines with a crayon and hope hope HOPING you would find it beautifully wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning.  

I suppose, as an adult you could go that route.  Drive to the nearest mall and track down the big guy and sit on his lap and tell him your Christmas wishes.  Sure, you might get some strange looks, but when has that ever stopped you?  

Orrrrr... here's an idea!  I made these great hints that you can casually post on the fridge, in your friend's purse, exchange it for your significant other's bookmark, on everyone's desk at work... wherever any potential gift givers lurk.  They'll get the idea and you can avoid sitting on mall Santa's lap this year and still get what you want!

   download your hint-able printable here  , print out, trim, and strategically place

download your hint-able printable here, print out, trim, and strategically place

Both Year and Month subscriptions are available to give as gifts!