McGoo U Online: August 2015

McGoo U: August 2015
It's Back to School time and we are getting ready with some fun designs that can be used for every age and can be modified for just about any occasion.  Decorate them in your school colors, give them out to teachers, kids going away to school, or for a high school reunion!  Explore some fun new techniques at school: McGoo U.
Techniques:  stippling, piping, airbrushing, reverse stenciling, painting, mold making, chalkboard effect

Click here for information on the tools you will need for this month's class!

Mixing It Up: August 2015
Grab a seat and get to know Andrea of Bella Cakes based out of the St. Louis, MO area. She is a double threat as a fabulous cookier AND a caker.  We discuss the good, the bad and the scary (like math & buttercream in the summer).  Caker+Cookier+super fun = Andrea   

Expert Lab: August 2015
Join us in the Expert Lab as the incredibly talented Andrea Garner of Bella Cakes introduces us to the world of gum paste!  She takes us step by step through the process of how she creates beautiful roses that can beautify cupcakes, cakes, and of course: COOKIES!

After School: August 2015
Arty reflects on how it all began.

Extra Frosting: August 2015
There is always some frosting left over after a cookie project. Don't let it go to waste! This is the time to practice a technique or try something new. Earn a little extra credit and use up that extra frosting! All extra frosting segments are created spur of the moment, with no planning or designing, using the actual extra frosting leftover from McGoo U classes.